About Our Blog

Transient Reflections is a place were I and the other authors express our  random thoughts, ideals and assumptions. Be that they be right or wrong they are the product of  the experiences the authors have had in life . We welcome any discussion on postings be they for or against our beliefs. we are firm believers in freewill and free thought .  Life is but a learning process we all must go through and I believe you never stop learning while your living.  Hope you enjoy your visit and find a few of our humble writings interesting enough to comment on or pass on to others and we welcome anyone who wishes to become a contributor to this blog as long as they can be objective and keep the content inoffensive. If anyone interested in being a contributor leave a comment with your email address and i will add you to the list.

Raymond Barbier

8 Responses to About Our Blog

  1. amaeguerrero says:

    can someone be part of this blog too? just asking. Godbless


  2. Ray Barbier says:

    Sent invitation to join to the yahoo address connected to your wordpress account, let me know if you recieved it or not, i will send another if need be. And it will be a great honor to add you to our list of authors..


  3. amaeguerrero says:

    sir ray 😀

    Hey, i just got nominated for this award and now am nominating you cause of your really amazing and inspirational blog. God bless.



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